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Claire has always had a deep desire to help people heal through music. She holds a Masters Degree in Music Composition (MMus) from the University of West London, and an HLD (Higher Level Diploma) with Distinction from the British Academy of Sound Therapy, combining a Practitioner Level Diploma (PLD) with a Diploma in Group Sound Therapy (GST), obtaining distinctions in both. 

Claire is qualified to offer both individual sound therapy and group work such as the soundbaths and narrative soundscapes which she incorporates into her retreats. 

A music educator for well over 15 years, Claire first discovered the role of music in the development of the brain when training as a Kindermusik Therapist in 2007 and since then has been asked to present her research to a variety of different organisations, from psychologists to schools to musicians. This led to the discovery of the role of sound in human functioning and the pursuit of sound qualifications. 

Claire is a member of the Catholic Medical Association and the International Therapeutic Sound Association. She is insured by Balens.

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The Flame Lily is the national flower of the country where I was born, Zimbabwe, and incidentally is my favourite flower. The first flower to emerge after the first rain, a time much anticipated and celebrated after the dry winter, it is a symbol of rebirth and of hope which is appropriate for this season of my life, but also for the whole world as we grapple with the lingering effects of the pandemic and its consequences. Significantly, the Flame Lily contains colchicine which is used in the treatment of cancer. A healing plant for a healing therapy! 

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